Certified Payroll

For contractors, certified payroll reporting can be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming. Errors in reporting can delay payments and incur penalties, among other headaches. We understand that good certified payroll service can be hard to find, which is why we're the #1 Certified Payroll service provider in California.
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Timely and Accurate Reporting

We understand that the certified reports are due to your general contractor or client in order to remain in compliance and get paid for your work. Our certified payroll specialists are dedicated to producing these reports on or before your check date to ensure that you meet all deadlines, and stay in compliance. You can expect 100% accuracy with every report, as your certified payroll specialist is an expert who handles only companies that require certified payroll..

Why choose Us?

XML Electronic Uploads

We upload all certified reports to the Department of Industrial Relations electronically using their XML Upload instructions. We are the only payroll company that is recognized by the DIR with this ability. This ensures that your reporting is completed timely and accurately, and saves you from having to manually upload your reports using the manual interface, which is extremely time consuming.

Why choose Us?

Fringe Benefits

One of the most complicated parts of certified payroll is the proper calculation of your employee's fringe benefits. We work with you to determine the proper rates using the Department of Industrial Relations guidelines to get it right the first time. All benefits are calculated with each payroll, so that you have all of the information that you need at your fingertips. .

Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wages are set by state and local governments and can be difficult to keep track of. Let us do this for you.

Talk to the Experts

While large payroll companies might be a fit for some industries, the challenges of public works payroll are distinctly unique. We can answer any question regarding fringe benefits or wage determinations in minutes, not days.

We have been providing certified payroll services to small businesses since 2004, and our staff has a wealth of knowledge not just on reporting, but prevailing wage itself. Many of our clients turn to us for help classifying employees to ensure that the rates and benefits are paid at the correct rate for each project.

Training Fund calculations are also performed automatically, and we can send those payments to the DIR for you each month, further reducing your administrative workload. We can also provide a comprehensive benefits plan, allowing you to offer health insurance, 401K plans and more, while providing you with significant tax and workers’ compensation insurance savings.

Most Comprehensive Solution Available

Our complete small business program combines many commonly used services by businesses, simplified to save you time and money.

No other company can provide you with as comprehensive a solution as what we offer. We provide full service payroll to include all quarterly tax filings and payments, new hire reporting, annual filings and more to go with the certified reporting. But we can also offer insurance services to include pay-as-you-go workers compensation (with any insurance carrier), general liability, commercial auto, and more. Our human resources program provides you with an expert in HR to ensure compliance in the complicated California labor market. And our bookkeeping and accounting services are affordable, offered by a local accountant, and ensure that your books are updated and in compliance at all times.

Our complete program really is The Small Business Solution.

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