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Efficiency you need, with the personalized service you deserve.
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Personal service

Your dedicated payroll coordinator will always be available to answer your questions, and give you payroll guidance when you need it. A live person always answers the phone, and your requests are handled promptly, effectively, and accurately.

Why choose Us?

ORBIT Online Payroll

Our proprietary software, ORBIT, was designed with the small business in mind. Fast, efficient, and available any time from any computer with Internet access, ORBIT will further simplify your payroll process.

Why choose Us?

Accurate Tax Reporting

We guarantee timely and accurate payments to the state and federal government. All forms and payments are filed electronically to ensure receipt and proper credit of your taxes and payments. Have an issue that needs resolving? Our specialists will contact the tax agency and provide solutions to get you back on track.

Simplified Payroll.

Whether you have five employees or 500, BLI takes the pain out of the payroll process.

Complete Online Access to Paystubs and Reports

Each employer and employee recieves their own unique password and login upon onboarding

Convenient online access is available not only for employers, but for your employees as well. Employers receive instant access to reporting, employee information, and payroll processing. And our system is user friendly, so you won’t need to complete a training course just to use it. But just in case you need it, Instructional videos are available on our website to walk you through all of the different functions.

Employees have real time access to paystubs and W2’s. No longer will you have to search out and reprint paystubs for an employee, they simply log in, and can find the forms they need on their own schedule.

Additional Convenience Features

Our service is designed around efficiency and convenience, and these extra features are designed to simplify your payroll that much more

Our QuickBooks General Ledger Interface is a must have for anyone using QuickBooks as their accounting system. Simply import a specially formatted text file, and all of your payroll data is populated in your bank, expense, and liability accounts. This not only saves you time, but eliminates the opportunity for error in data entry.

Want to have check stubs automatically emailed to your employees directly, and completely eliminate distribution of paystubs? Just give us your employee’s email address, and we set it up. Want to integrate a timekeeping system with the payroll? We can set you up with one, or you can use your own. Want to have us calculate and remit your workers’ comp premium payments for you? We do it for hundreds of companies every day, we are happy to set it up for you as well.

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