Tax Preparation

Trust a professional to ensure timely and accurate returns
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Reliable Tax Return Preparation

Our registered tax preparers go through every step in the process to ensure that your tax returns are accurate and take advantage of every deduction you are legally entitled to. We can even review prior returns to ensure accuracy, and make sure that you did not over pay for your taxes in prior years.

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Corporate and Personal Returns

We file both your corporate and personal returns to ensure accuracy and ease of filing. You don’t need to have a bookkeeper for your day to day work, and a separate company to file your returns. We handle the whole process to simplify the work, and ensure that no data is lost or changed when moving the books to a third party.

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Corporate Formation Services

Changing from a Sole Proprietor to an LLC or corporation is not right for every business. Let us evaluate your situation, and help you determine what the best structure is for your business. Proper filing of the correct forms will get your entity set up and ready for operation as soon as possible. It will also prevent costly mistakes down the road if forms are not correctly processed. Trust in our experts to complete this process the correct way the first time.

Tax Agency Audits

If you ever get audited by the IRS or the state, we are there to help you through the whole process
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