Workers' Compensation Insurance

Protect the driving forces of your business: your employees.
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Trusted, A-Rated Carriers

When it comes to Workers' Comp, the right insurance policy can make or break your business. Fortunately, our reputation in the industry allows us access to a wide variety of carriers who will keep you protected if the need arises.

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Fast Quoting

When it comes to getting insured, we know that you don't have all day. Customers need to be serviced, bills need to be handled and employees need to be paid. This is why we make an active effort to get you quoted as quickly as possible, with most recieving their quote within 24 hours of a request,

Why choose Us?

Competitive Pricing

No matter how you slice it, Workers' Comp insurance can be expensive and options can be limited. With flexible payment options and an average client savings of 40%, we'll work with your company to find a policy that fits your needs as well as your budget. No more, no less.


Does your payroll fluctuate month-to-month? We have a specially designed solution for that.
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All Industries Covered

From professional offices, to retail stores, from security guards to contractors, and everything in between, we have a solution for your business

With access to over 25 carriers, each with their own specialties, we can provide affordable and effective coverage for companies in all industries and situations. Our standard programs are good for main street businesses, such as professional offices, retail, restaurants, manufacturing, and more. We can often provide 3-5 quotes on our standard programs to ensure you get the best available rate.

Higher risk businesses fall into our specialty programs. Some of our more common special programs include coverage for: Transportation, Security Guards, Pest Control, Contractors (all types, including roofers), Janitorial (commercial and residential), Home Health Care, Nursing Homes, Temp Staffing, and any company with a high mod rating.

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With the lowest possible down payment, and payments based on your actual payroll, there is no better way to handle your workers’ comp than with a pay-as-you-go policy

Workers’ compensation premiums are based on your exact payroll, so pay-as-you-go programs base your premium payment on your actual payroll each payroll period, instead of performing a single annual audit. By far the most effective way to manage your premium payments, pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation is also the preferred billing method for most policy holders. And with 14 carriers that offer pay-as-you-go terms, we can find a carrier to cover your business.

Don’t pay a huge, unexpected bill at your annual audit, set yourself up for success with a pay-as-you-go policy.

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